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New Jersey Social Security Disability Law Blog

OCD and other anxiety disorders may qualify for SSDI

For many people in New Jersey and across the country, getting up in the morning and going to work is a normal part of life. The routine may be so natural that they do not even think twice about showering, shaving, eating breakfast and heading off to work. However, for many who suffer from obsessive-compulsive symptoms or other anxiety disorders, daily routines are far from simple.

On the job, there will always be daily stresses, but at the end of the day, most people can leave that stress behind and go home to their evening activities. For someone who suffers from OCD, however, their own thought patterns and behavior may prevent them from completing daily tasks appropriately. Someone with OCD may experience unwanted thoughts that compel them to perform certain unusual activities, including locking and unlocking doors, cleaning or counting in patterns.

Helping you understand your SSD benefits rights

No one intends to be involved in an accident. In fact, almost all accidents are sudden and unexpected. Thus, the resulting harms caused by the accident are equally as surprising. In some incidents, a victim could suffer serious and even debilitating injuries. This could result in the injured victim suffering a long-term disability, making it impossible to work.

Being unable to work can cause various hardships, but the top of this list is financial hardships. Because they are no longer making an income, it can be challenging to pay bills or meet their basic living needs. Thus, many disabled individuals consider their ability to recover Social Security disability benefits. At the Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur, our attorneys understand how necessary SSD benefits can be. Thus, we are dedicated to helping individuals with the application and appeals process.

Watch out when diving in New Jersey waters this summer

Nothing beats the summer heat in New Jersey like a trip to the beach or pool. Swimming is not only a fun way to cool off, but it is also a great way to relax and exercise. Some swimmers may also enjoy diving. However, when it comes to diving, swimmers need to be careful. Diving into shallow water could lead to a life-altering spine injury.

In fact, according to one source, diving accidents are a major cause of spine injuries. Even diving into a wave or off a dock can cause a spine injury. A spinal cord contusion could lead to paralysis, which could ultimately be permanent. A spinal cord fracture could also occur, a condition which is very difficult to treat.

Going before a judge to get the disability benefits you need

If you are a disabled individual in New Jersey, you know how important it is to secure benefits. Disability benefits can help you support your family, take care of your medical needs and enjoy a certain quality of life. A denied claim could be financially devastating, and it could be necessary to request a hearing so that you could continue to pursue the benefits you need and deserve.

It can be very frustrating to learn that your initial claim came back denied. While this is certainly a setback, it is not the end of the road for you. At that point, you may have to present your case before an Administrative Law Judge. This hearing is important, and you would benefit from knowing how to successfully prepare for this step in the disability claims process.

How do workers' compensation benefits affect SSD benefits?

It may seem obvious that certain occupations have the propensity to lead to injuries, such as occupations where a person works with heavy equipment, with dangerous chemicals or at great heights. However, even people with office jobs could be injured at work, for example, if they trip over something on the ground or strain to lift something heavy. When a person from Newark is injured at work, they may wonder whether they should seek workers' compensation benefits or Social Security disability benefits, or both. When determining what course of action to take, it is important to understand how workers' compensation benefits affect Social Security disability benefits.

According to the Social Security Administration, if a person receives workers' compensation benefits, it will reduce how much they receive in disability benefits. Workers' compensation benefits are awarded after a person is injured or made ill on-the-job. If a person is receiving both SSD benefits and workers' compensation benefits, the total amount of benefits that person receives cannot be more than 80 percent of what the person's average earnings were prior to their disability. The SSA has several formulas that may be used to determine what a person's average current earnings were.

What are some symptoms of multiple sclerosis?

The brain and spinal cord are essential to the normal functioning of the human body. If a person in Newark suffers from a condition that affects these systems, it can eventual lead to a disability. For example, multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects a person's central nervous system. However, not everyone with multiple sclerosis exhibits the same symptoms. Instead there are a variety of symptoms that a person with multiple sclerosis may have at any given time.

For example, a person's limbs might feel weak or numb. These symptoms may only appear on one half of the person's body at a time. Multiple sclerosis can also cause either partial or full blindness of one eye at a time. It may also hurt for the person to move their eyes. Double vision is also a symptom of multiple sclerosis.

Will new rule adversely affect those seeking SSD benefits?

It is an unfortunate fact that the safety-net our government has for those who become disabled can be difficult to obtain, even for those in New Jersey who truly need it. In the United States, less than 50 percent of individuals who seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits are approved. Even if they get a hearing, it could take on average of 600 days before their case goes before a judge.

This issue may become worse due to changes made by the Social Security Administration last spring. In an effort to combat fraud and make the application process simpler, the agency introduced a new rule in which special consideration will no longer be given to an applicant's physician. Evidence supplied by the applicant's personal physician will be on equal standing as evidence supplied by a medical consultant, even though the medical consultant may have only examined the applicant once or merely reviewed the individual's application.

How does schizophrenia affect its victim?

Many Americans throughout the country have heard of the mental condition schizophrenia, but what exactly is it and how does it affect its victim? Schizophrenia falls into three symptom categories - positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms.

Positive symptoms include delusions, thought disorders such as dysfunctional thought processes and agitated body movements. Negative symptoms may be harder to recognize, as they often deal with a victim's apathy. These could include a "flat affect" or reduced expression of emotions including facial expressions and changes in one's tone of voice, a reduction in communication, difficulties starting and continuing with activities and an overall reduction in enjoying everyday life. Cognitive symptoms may include difficulties in comprehending and applying learned information and decision-making, difficulties with focus, and the inability or struggles with using recently learned information, often referred to a "working memory." Any of these symptoms could make it difficult for a victim suffering from schizophrenia to maintain a normal lifestyle or keep a job.

Understanding the severity of brain injuries

One of the more common injuries throughout the United States, including victims from the North New Jersey area, are traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs. Figures suggest that approximately 1.7 million Americans find themselves in the hospital or doctor's office to be treated for brain injuries.

Brain injuries come in two forms, open and closed. The brain is protected by a very strong shell, known as the skull. While the skull can withstand some serious impacts, if an impact is serious enough to fracture the skull, it is called an open brain injury. Such injuries are often catastrophic in nature, and could lead to lifelong permanent disabilities or even death.

Could I secure disability benefits if I have arthritis?

Arthritis is a well-known, relatively common medical condition that affects millions of Americans. The way that this type of disease affects an individual depends on many factors, including severity of the case and other underlying health issues, but it is quite possible that you could be unable to work due to this type of medical condition.

If you are not able to earn a living because of a physical condition, you may be able to secure disability benefits, even if your condition is unseen and internal. A severe case of arthritis could leave you genuinely and severely disabled, and you may find it beneficial to secure legal help in your quest to secure the Social Security disability benefits to which you have a rightful claim. 

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