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Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions Archives

Are mental health conditions prevalent in the United States?

Not all disabilities look the same. Additionally, not all sufferers of disabilities have been battling with a disability for years. For some individuals, like those dealing with mood and substance abuse disorders, may have developed these mental conditions later in life. However, whether a person was born with a disability or acquired one later in life, this does not mean they are not suffering. Even more so, just because a person's disability is not visible on the outside does not mean that they do not have a disability and need just as much help as those living with a physical disability.

Qualifying neurocognitive disorders in children for SDD benefits

Living with a disability can feel just like that, disabling and debilitating. It can be even more challenging when it is not a visible physical impairment. Those living with a mental condition face daily challenges; however, the general public may not see this or fully understand this. Thus, some do not believe those suffering from a mental illness, whether acquired at birth or later in life, deserve to enjoy the same benefits as those living with a physical impairment.

Helping you secure SSD benefits for a mental condition

Just because a disability is not visible on the outside does not mean that a person does not suffer just as much, if not more, than a person with a physical disability. Misunderstandings and mental health conditions often go hand-in-hand. However, just because the general public may not fully grasp the pain and suffering an individual endures because of a mental condition does not mean they are not considered disabled. In fact, the Social Security Administration lists a wide variety of mental health conditions that could qualify a person for disability benefits.

OCD and other anxiety disorders may qualify for SSDI

For many people in New Jersey and across the country, getting up in the morning and going to work is a normal part of life. The routine may be so natural that they do not even think twice about showering, shaving, eating breakfast and heading off to work. However, for many who suffer from obsessive-compulsive symptoms or other anxiety disorders, daily routines are far from simple.

How does schizophrenia affect its victim?

Many Americans throughout the country have heard of the mental condition schizophrenia, but what exactly is it and how does it affect its victim? Schizophrenia falls into three symptom categories - positive symptoms, negative symptoms and cognitive symptoms.

What are some symptoms of schizophrenia?

While only approximately one percent of individuals in the United States suffer from schizophrenia, it is a disorder with a very negative stigma. However, it is important to keep in mind that individuals with schizophrenia are not a danger to other individuals. They also do not have multiple personalities. Newark residents should remember that, like other mental illnesses, it is not always a disease that manifests itself with physical symptoms. Nevertheless, it can be extremely debilitating.

How do I prove my mental condition is debilitating?

Contrary to the belief of many, Social Security disability is not simply for those who are suffering from serious or debilitating injuries or illnesses, but also those who suffer from serious mental conditions. Although it is often far easier to recognize injuries or illnesses via various tests, scans or x-rays, mental conditions can be equally as severe and could also seriously cripple or prevent someone from maintaining gainful employment.

Migraines may cause anxiety disorders, study says

New Jersey residents who suffer from migraine headaches may find that all they can do is lie down in a quiet, dark room until the agony of the headache subsides, which could take days. However, according to a recent study, the chronic pain one experiences if they have migraine headaches could increase the chance a person will develop a generalized anxiety disorder. According to the research, adults who suffer from migraine headaches are 6 percent more at risk of developing an anxiety disorder, compared to the 2 percent chance of those who don't have migraine headaches.

Social Security Blog warns about scammers

With society's access to today's technology, ill-intentioned scam artists have numerous ways of scamming victims. A recent increase in phone call scams have prompted the Acting Inspector General of Social Security to remind Americans utilizing Social Security benefits about these scams and how to prevent them. They advise against returning phone calls from a suspicious source and from making payments or purchases over the phone for government related matters.

When does a person with depression have a disability?

Living with depression can be a nightmare. Imagine suffering from severe sadness and hopelessness that may even cause you to be suicidal. Depression once had a very negative stigma, but these days more people in Newark and nationwide are recognizing that depression is a mental illness with biological components. Unfortunately, depression can be so severe for some that it disables them. However, if this is the case, can a person seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits?

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