Appealing Denied SSD Claims In New Jersey

An administrative law judge (ALJ) hearing is only one step of the SSDI appeals process. If an ALJ has denied your claim following a hearing, do not lose hope. You have additional options to appeal and obtain the benefits you need for your disability.

The experienced lawyer at The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur has represented countless people in north and south New Jersey at every stage of the SSDI application. We are well-versed in handling cases on appeal, from reconsideration to federal court appeals. We can help you if your claim has been denied.

You only have 60 days from the date an ALJ denies your claim to ask for an appeal. We encourage you to contact our Newark-area firm if you have been denied. Call 973-200-6629 or 609-207-7905 for a free consultation.

Denied Disability Benefits? Know Your Rights.

Requests for an appeal of a claim denied by an ALJ are handled by the Social Security Administration's (SSA) Appeals Council. It does not have to automatically grant review of a denied claim. For example, it can deny further appeal if it believes the ALJ reached the correct decision. If it disagrees with the decision, however, the council can hear the appeal or send it back to an ALJ for additional review.

Filing a lawsuit in federal court is the final option for appealing a claim denied by the Appeals Council, or appealing its decision not to review your case in the first place. Our firm will explore and pursue these options if they are available and necessary to bring your case to a positive outcome.

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