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June 2013 Archives

The double whammy of stress and poor diet

Readers have likely heard that there may be health risks associated with being overweight. That’s bad news, of course, for more than two-thirds of the American adult population who fit that description. Some of the conditions that may be linked to unhealthy or excessive diet include cardiac disease, diabetes and cancer.

Brain injury treatment may benefit from new 3-D scanning device

Researchers continue to advance their understanding of chronic degenerative brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. One recently developed technology promises to facilitate that process. Called the BigBrain, the device produces 3-D digital maps where only 2-D had been available, and at much higher resolution -- nearly 50 times the resolution of existing magnetic resonance imaging technology.

Imaging technology helps early detection of brain injuries

A recent article reminds New Jersey readers of the important role medical imaging technology plays in making correct diagnoses and customizing treatment plans. Thanks to medical imaging advances, the need for more invasive exploratory surgeries has been greatly reduced.

New Jersey disability centers spark class action lawsuit

In previous posts to New Jersey readers, we’ve discussed some of the issues pertaining to young applicants seeking disability benefits. A genetic or developmental disability often manifests at an early age, before individuals can acquire a work history that might qualify them for Social Security disability insurance. Although Supplemental Security Income removes that requirement, another requirement concerning family income ceilings is in its place.

Nipping back pain in the bud, before it becomes chronic

New Jersey readers may be surprised to learn that 4 out of 5 American adults will experience back pain in their lives. Sometimes, the pain is the result of a simple strain, perhaps from improper lifting or trying a new exercise workout regime. Genetic conditions and illness may account for other cases.

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