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June 2015 Archives

Is someone with memory loss eligible for disability benefits?

Have you ever considered just how important a role your memory plays in your daily life? From recalling how to do complex actions to simple everyday tasks, our memories allow us to do things over and over again with relative ease.

New Jersey girl's rare condition shows need for SSI benefits

For the longest time, doctors here in New Jersey didn't have a diagnosis for a little girl who was unable to walk and talk. By early October of last year, they had ruled out autism and cerebral palsy. In order to determine what she had, they needed to run a lot of tests -- tests that cost a lot of money and left her father wondering what he was going to do.

When should an ill person apply for disability benefits?

Whether it's because of the constant drip of snot from your nose or because of that persistent achy feeling you can get, most people loathe getting a cold. But even if a particularly nasty cold forces you out of work for a few days though, most people know that it won't be a long-term thing. Eventually you do get to return to work and sustain financial stability for your household.

SSD benefits can be used to cover more than just lost wages

Imagine for a moment that you have just become disabled because of an injury. You are forced out of your job and therefore lose your health insurance. Because you lost your health insurance and no longer have a source of income from a job, you struggle to pay for your medication and the treatments you need. It's a situation that could easily leave anyone feeling overwhelmed and in need of some help.

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