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How can Newark residents know they are eligible for SSD benefits?

Not being able to work can be difficult for New Jersey residents and their families. Most people need to work to earn the income they need for food, clothing and shelter. Yet a disability, whether from an injury or an illness, can take away that ability. But, fortunately, society does not leave disabled New Jersey residents to their fate. Social Security Disability benefits that can make a disability more manageable.

What is the disability onset date?

For New Jersey residents with a disability, it is not hard to remember back to the day the disability came to pass. Indeed, for many the day when the disability began to block their ability to live the way they wanted to is a day scorched in their mind. But, while that date may be the logical starting point for the disability, the Social Security Administration may not recognize it as the official disability onset date.

If you work, can you still receive Social Security Disability?

Some New Jersey residents may be under the impression that if they work, they cannot receive Social Security Disability benefits. But is that true? Can a person work and collect benefits? Or must they forego work in order to receive benefits?

Depression: is it covered by Social Security Disability?

In New Jersey and elsewhere, one of the more misunderstood aspects of Social Security Disability is mental conditions. Unlike physical conditions, which are easy to see and understand, mental conditions are often invisible and quixotic. But, despite the difficulty of seeing these conditions, some conditions qualify for Social Security Benefits. One such condition is depression.

Demystifying disability hearings

As some individuals in New Jersey may know, Social Security disability applications routinely get rejected. But a rejection should not be seen as the end, but rather the start of the process. This post will focus on the second level of appeal for those with a denied claim -- a disability hearing before an administrative law judge.

Appealing a Social Security disability denial

Unfortunately, sometimes residents of New Jersey with legitimate disabilities initially have their applications for Social Security disability insurance rejected. But a denial is not necessarily permanent. Denial does not have to mean that a person does not receive the SSDI benefits that they need. It is just an early step in a longer journey.

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