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November 2017 Archives

Seeking SSD benefits for depression

While we all get sad and feel down or upset at times, it is not normal to feel this way all of the time. Depression is a serious mental condition, causing some individuals to suffer tremendously. Depression could cause some to avoid leaving the house, the inability to carry on with their normal life or even maintain a job. In these cases, it can be challenging to meet one's basic living needs. Thus, it is important to consider what options are available to address these financial concerns, such as Social Security disability benefits.

Did a head injury leave you unable to work?

The human brain remains one of the most complex and mysterious organs of the body. Even doctors still can't always predict how it will react. When someone suffers a head injury, doctors may be able to make educated guesses regarding the healing and recovery process, but there are no guarantees.

Helping you secure SSD benefits for a mental condition

Not all disabilities are the same. Just like a variety of reasons can cause an individual in New Jersey and elsewhere to experience a disability, individuals can suffer an even wider variety of disabilities. While some of these disabilities can be physical and visually obvious, some cause individuals to suffer silently. A mental condition can be severely disabling even if it is not obvious to the general public that you are suffering from a disability.

Why would your SSD application be denied?

Whether you were born with a disability or acquired one later in life because of an illness or injury, this can be a very difficult situation. Many New Jersey residents attempt to overcome this situation by seeking out assistance through government programs. While many individuals across the nation rely on Social Security disability benefits to meet their financial needs, many potential applicants are apprehensive about the application process. It can be overwhelming to hear about the number of applicants denied and the long wait faced by those seeking an appeal; thus, it is important to understand why you could be denied.

Addressing the current backlog for SSDI appeal hearings

When it comes to Social Security Disability benefits, many disabled individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere fear that they may not qualify for these benefits. Even though an applicant might have been suffering from a serious disability for some time, making it impossible to keep a job, the application process can be complex. This often results in the denial of an applicant's initial application. Even if reconsideration or appealing the decision is an option, an applicant must prepare his or herself for a lengthy battle to recover SSD benefits.

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