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March 2018 Archives

What qualifies a person for SSD for a mental disorder?

Being diagnosed with a mental condition is shocking and life altering. As many individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere are diagnosed later in life, it can be extremely overwhelming. What is also difficult is the actual impact the mental condition has on one's life. For some, it can be so disruptive that they are no longer able to maintain a social life, do much outside of the home or even hold down a job. Such a situation can cause many hardships, especially financial.

What evidence is required when applying for SSDI benefits?

Friends, family or others may have told you that obtaining benefits from the Social Security disability insurance program is nearly impossible. It is true that many people receive denials of their initial applications, and this is due, at least in part, to the fact that the Social Security Administration remains sensitive to fraudulent claims. They tend to err on the side of denial rather than granting an unnecessary request for benefits.

SSD benefits following a workplace injury

For some individuals in New Jersey, he or she has been disabled since birth due to a birth injury, birth defect or a genetic condition or disorder. Others acquire a disability later in life. Specifically, a person is disabled because of an event, such as an accident. Due to the dangers faced in some work environments, a workplace injury is a growing cause for individuals suffering from disabilities.

Understanding how much SSD benefits will be

When applying for Social Security Disability, many applicants in New Jersey and elsewhere are concerned about whether he or she will be deemed eligible for these benefits. However, some are more concerned about the benefits themselves. Will the amount received be enough to meet his or her basic needs? Getting by without the steady income he or she once had is challenging, but will SSD benefits be enough?

Spinal cord injuries and added complications

Risks and dangers exist everywhere you walk. Whether it is at home, at work, in the park, at the store or any other public place, accidents could occur at anytime. While these could be simple trips or crashes, others could be serious with severe injuries. Whether it is a serious accident at the workplace or an automobile collision, a serious injury such as one to the spine could be life altering. A spine injury is one that could leave a victim permanently disabled, requiring extensive and ongoing medical care.

SSDI benefits and the need for vocational rehabilitation

Suffering a serious injury is anything but easy. Not only is the individual dealing with the event that caused the injury, he or she is now attempting to recover from the injury. For some severe injuries, taking time off to heal or seeking medical treatment is not enough. When an injury is debilitating, whether temporarily or permanently, this not only means extensive medical care but also being unable to work for this timeframe.

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