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July 2018 Archives

Understanding the benefits of the compassionate allowance program

No matter your age, being diagnosed with an illness is difficult news to take in. The first thing running through a person's mind is what options they have to fight this disease. The next thing one thinks about is likely how the disease and the treatment plan will impact his or her life. It is not easy to accept that an illness has taken over your life; however, individuals New Jersey and elsewhere have options to overcome the financial hardships a serious or terminal illness can have on a person.

Act to waive 5-month wait for SSD benefits for ASL

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition is a life-changing event. Not only are you dealing with the symptoms and medical treatments associated with the illness, but you are also trying to adjust your life because of it. While Social Security Disability benefits could offer these individuals much assistance, many are fearful that they will be denied benefits or that they will be required to wait and extensive amount of time to obtain approval. In some cases, an illness is so severe and dire that it requires these funds right away.

Qualifying for SSDI with an eating disorder

If you are like many in New Jersey who struggle with an eating disorder, it affects every area of your life. Not only does your health suffer, but your condition impacts your family, your social life and your ability to work a steady job. Seeking treatment is expensive, and the most effective treatment involves an intense and systematic confronting of the many physical, psychological and emotional issues involved. Holding a job while undergoing this treatment may be next to impossible.

What is the definition of a mental illness?

Whether it is when a person is a child or an adult, being diagnosed with a mental illness or psychiatric disability can be a difficult reality to face. While an individual is likely aware that something is wrong with them, it doesn't make it any easier to process. Even more so, when a person suffers from such a condition, it is common for a mental illness to impact one's personal and professional life. It might be challenging to lead a normal life, and his or her mental illness disability could be so severe that it prevents them from holding down a job.

Back injuries and risks for long-term disability

We all get aches and pains from time to time. This is typically because we have overdone it at work, the gym or at home. These pains will often go away with rest and home remedies. However, these pains, especially those of the back, can be debilitating when a serious injury to the back occurs. This can make for a painful and challenging life, as this can disrupt one's ability to maintain a normal life and even hold down a job.

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