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August 2018 Archives

What is the five-step process for Social Security disability?

For many New Jersey residents who have an injury, illness or condition and believe they meet the requirements to receive Social Security disability benefits, the entire process can seem a bit overwhelming. From filling out the application, to the hearing, to the possibility that they might be confronted with a denied claim, it can be a worrisome time. However, this should not dissuade a person who is unable to work and is dealing with medical expenses and other issues.

What evidence from school or work is used for mental disability?

People in New Jersey who are experiencing mental issues and are seeking Social Security disability benefits should be aware of the evidence that is needed for the Social Security Administration to make its decision. The SSA will seek that evidence from various sources when conducting its evaluation. That will include medical evidence, evidence from people who know the applicant, and evidence from school or work. Regarding school or work, it is important to understand what the SSA will request so all the applicable evidence is provided.

Do you suffer from post-sepsis syndrome?

Whether you suffered from a serious illness, underwent a surgical procedure or suffered severe injuries, your time in the hospital compromised your immune system. This led to you contracting an infection of some sort that turned into sepsis.

Parkinson's disease and seeking SSD benefits

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is a difficult reality to face. This is especially true when it is an illness that progresses over time, causing an individual to eventually be consumed by the symptoms of the illness. While treatments may be available, it is likely that the treatment process in conjunction with the symptoms of the disease can make it difficult to lead a normal life. In some cases, it can be debilitating, causing many to explore their options with regards to Social Security disability benefits.

Helping you secure SSD benefits for a disabling disease

There are some diseases that can be controlled by treatment. In these cases, an individual is able to lead a normal life so long as these treatments remain. On the other hand, some individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere are unable to live a normal life despite their efforts to keep the illness under control through medical treatment and interventions. In some cases, the disease can progress, impacting a person in all facets of life. This means that he or she is unable to work because of their current medical condition.

What is a spinal cord injury?

Whether it is because of a fall at work, an automobile collision or any other form of accident, suffering an injury to the back can be serious. It can be so serious that it can cause a person to suffer a disability. An injury to the back could impact the spinal cord, even making it impossible to move some of one's body temporarily or permanently. Because of this, those living with a spinal cord injury may find it impossible to care for him or herself, do the things they once could or even work. This is where Social Security disability benefits could be resourceful and necessary.

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