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February 2019 Archives

When will the Appeals Council review after a denied claim?

When a New Jersey resident applies for Social Security disability benefits for injury, illness or a condition and the application is denied, there are four levels of appeal that can be attempted. After reconsideration and a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ), there is the Appeals Council followed by a lawsuit in federal court. The Appeals Council is different in that it is not obligated by law to examine a case and consider whether the decision should be changed or not. The Appeals Council will consider every case, but will deny the review if it finds that the previous decisions were just. Knowing which cases the Appeals Court will review is important.

How can I recognize if I have bipolar disorder?

There was once a stigma attached to people who had mental illness, but luckily, that is largely no longer the case. People who are suffering from a mental disorder can seek treatment without fear of ramifications. For New Jersey residents who are suffering from an issue that is of sufficient severity that it negatively affects their ability to work, they can seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. One mental issue that is increasingly well-known is bipolar disorder. For those who believe they exhibit the symptoms of bipolar disorder, it is imperative to have legal advice when considering an application for SSD benefits.

Does Sjogren's syndrome qualify for disability?

You may have noticed changes in your body when you were about 40 but thought it was just part of growing older. Your mouth was always dry no matter how much water you drank. Your eyes felt like sandpaper despite the constant use of eyedrops. When you mentioned these symptoms to your doctor and dentist, they may have run some blood tests, suggested mouthwash or prescribed more powerful eye lubricant.

Social Security Disability and disorganization of motor function

When New Jersey residents are suffering from a neurological disorder, it can be exceedingly problematic for them to work and function normally. This makes it necessary to consider whether they meet the benefits' requirements to get Social Security Disability (SSD). There are several factors that must be considered when filing for benefits including whether they meet the Social Security Administration's (SSA) criteria under disorganization of motor function and if they have extreme limitation. For these issues and more when seeking SSD benefits, having legal help is imperative.

Do multiple impairments impact Social Security disability?

Many New Jersey residents who are ill, injured or suffer from a condition that prevents them from working will want to get Social Security disability benefits. These benefits can provide them with financial assistance and let them get the medical treatment they need. A critical factor toward getting an approval is to meet the federal requirements to be declared disabled. There are nuances to this that applicants and their family must understand. While many people have a singular issue that will warrant benefits, a vast proportion of people who believe they are disabled do not meet these benefits' requirements, but have several impairments. Not meeting the criteria with one issue will generally warrant a denial, however multiple impairments could be combined to get an approval.

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