Individuals can suffer a wide variety of ailments and conditions. While some of these are minor and easy to manage, others require much medical attention to only slightly reduce the impacts of the condition. Mental conditions can be the source of some serious disabilities suffered by those in New Jersey and elsewhere. The trouble with these conditions is that it is not always apparent or visible that a person is in fact suffering from a disabling condition. Despite this, these individuals can still seek Social Security disability benefits to help offset the financial burdens caused by their disability.

Whether you were born with a mental disorder or developed a condition later in life, this does not mean a person is any more or any less disabled. Nonetheless, those suffering from disabilities find it difficult to navigate the SSD application process because it can be overwhelming and even confusing. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur sympathize for those living with disabilities, and our experienced legal team is dedicated to helping individuals in the Newark area navigate the application and appeals process.

When seeking benefits for a disability, the Social Security administration has laid out specific requirements for eligibility. Because of that, applicants must prove with documented evidence that they meet the eligibility requirements for the disability they are suffering. This can complicate the process, especially if an applicant is unsure how to show they meet these eligibility requirements. Our law firm is well versed in all the applicable law. Thus, we are prepared to explain the process, collect necessary documents and ensure our client’s application is complete.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions website. Living with a disability is not easy, and when it becomes challenging to maintain a job or care for yourself, it is important to understand your options. SSD benefits could help you cover your basic living expenses.