There was once a stigma attached to people who had mental illness, but luckily, that is largely no longer the case. People who are suffering from a mental disorder can seek treatment without fear of ramifications. For New Jersey residents who are suffering from an issue that is of sufficient severity that it negatively affects their ability to work, they can seek Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. One mental issue that is increasingly well-known is bipolar disorder. For those who believe they exhibit the symptoms of bipolar disorder, it is imperative to have legal advice when considering an application for SSD benefits.

For those suffering from bipolar, there are changes in their mood on an episodic basis. Their sleep habits can be problematic, they will have fluctuating energy levels, their behavior will be unusual and their thoughts can be hectic. Some have a combination of episodes in which they are depressed one moment and manic the next. These can last for a short time-period or a longer time-period. They can range in intensity and effect the person’s functioning in myriad ways.

Those who are experiencing a manic episode can have the following: feeling high or up; be excitable; struggle with sleep; have an increased amount of activity with no explanation; speak quickly about a variety of subjects; be easily irritated; think their thoughts are racing; believe they can multitask; and take risks they might not otherwise take. Those who are experiencing depressive episodes can: feel sad; sleep more than normal or less than normal; think things will never get better; be concerned about everything; be forgetful; experience a lapse in concentration; and have suicidal thoughts.

Many people who are bipolar are not aware they have this issue and do not take the necessary steps to seek help and get the SSD benefits they might be entitled. For those who exhibit these symptoms or have other factors that lead them to believe they are suffering from mental illness, a law firm that specializes in these cases can help. Calling an attorney who has helped many clients with Social Security Disability benefits bipolar disorder can provide guidance in getting approved.