Suffering from mental illness whether it is depression, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder or any other issue can make it difficult if not outright impossible to hold a job. For New Jersey residents who are dealing with one or more of these issues, Social Security disability for mental conditions can be integral to their survival and treatment. However, getting the benefits means meeting certain requirements and not all are easily understood. When the Social Security Administration assesses a claim for SSD benefits, it will want certain evidence. Included is how the applicant functions in unfamiliar or supportive situations.

Situations are key to assessing an applicant when he or she seeks SSD benefits for mental issues. With unfamiliar situations, the SSA understands that the person’s ability to function will not automatically indicate how they will function when working regularly. The way a person functions can differ based on whether it an individual circumstance, if it is time-constrained, or in any other unusual situation. The functioning can differ when compared to familiar situations. When it is an unfamiliar situation, the person might experience more or fewer limitations than they normally do.

With a supportive situation, the person’s capabilities in completing tasks in situations that are structured or do not have the same demands that a conventional work setting will be analyzed. This will not automatically show how the person can finish assignments when working regularly on a normal day or week. As the SSA does its assessment, the person’s ability to follow instructions and do the required tasks will be based on evaluation of evidence with reports of how the person functions from the applicant and those who are familiar with the applicant. Important points will be how the person can function in an independent, appropriate and effective manner to finish the assigned tasks.

Suffering from mental illness can be complicated. Those who are not dealing with these issues are unlikely to understand how difficult it can be to perform even the most basic tasks. That can severely limit the ability to do a vast number of jobs. A law firm with experience in helping clients who are suffering from mental illness can be of assistance when seeking Social Security disability benefits for depression, OCD, bipolar or any other problem. Knowing how situations are gauged is a part of that.