Whether someone in New Jersey is born with a disability or becomes disabled because of an accident, being unable to work can create a significant financial strain. Social Security benefits can help people who have suffered disabilities for these and other reasons, and yet many face an uphill battle. It is not uncommon for the Social Security Administration — SSA — to deny disability applications even when people believe that they meet the qualifications. 

Minimizing the chances of a denial 

It is possible to appeal a denied application. However, the time it takes to file an appeal and then wait for another answer only draws out the time in which someone with a disability might not have reliable financial support. A good way to minimize the chances of initial denial is to make sure that one’s application is fully completed before submitting. Here are just a few things to make sure are included: 

  • Job history 
  • Period of disability 
  • Evidence of U.S. citizenship 

Follow treatment plans 

Another way to improve one’s chances of being approved is to stick to treatment plans. The SSA will often look into whether applicants are doing everything they can to improve or at least maintain their conditions. Adhering to treatment plans typically involves taking all prescribed medications and attending necessary medical appointments. 

Securing Social Security benefits can be life-changing. Unfortunately, since actually getting those benefits can be overwhelming, some people in New Jersey might feel hesitant about moving forward with the process. Learning more about what it takes to successfully navigate everything from applying to appealing can help take some of the worry out of the process.