For many people in New Jersey and across the country, getting up in the morning and going to work is a normal part of life. The routine may be so natural that they do not even think twice about showering, shaving, eating breakfast and heading off to work. However, for many who suffer from obsessive-compulsive symptoms or other anxiety disorders, daily routines are far from simple.

On the job, there will always be daily stresses, but at the end of the day, most people can leave that stress behind and go home to their evening activities. For someone who suffers from OCD, however, their own thought patterns and behavior may prevent them from completing daily tasks appropriately. Someone with OCD may experience unwanted thoughts that compel them to perform certain unusual activities, including locking and unlocking doors, cleaning or counting in patterns.

Often these actions are accompanied by thoughts that disturb and trouble the victim. Someone suffering from OCD may have unreasonable concerns about germs, violence or the dread that they will harm someone else. The thoughts experienced by a person with this disorder can be difficult to resist, and over time, the victim may be less able to control the behaviors compelled by the intrusive thoughts. Going to work and completing the tasks required of a job may be impossible for those whose symptoms are severe.

A person suffering from anxiety disorders such as OCD may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. These benefits may be essential to someone who is unable to draw and income due to debilitating symptoms of an anxiety disorder. However, often, these types of illnesses are difficult to prove, and having the assistance of an experienced New Jersey attorney can make a difference in the success of a claim.