While we all get sad and feel down or upset at times, it is not normal to feel this way all of the time. Depression is a serious mental condition, causing some individuals to suffer tremendously. Depression could cause some to avoid leaving the house, the inability to carry on with their normal life or even maintain a job. In these cases, it can be challenging to meet one’s basic living needs. Thus, it is important to consider what options are available to address these financial concerns, such as Social Security disability benefits.

According to the World Heath Organization or WHO, depression is the number one cause of illness and disability across the globe. They also found that there was an 18 percent increase when looking at the number of sufferers from 2005 to 2015. Recent estimates suggest that more than 300 million people suffer from it.

Because there is a stigma associated with depression, many individuals fail to seek and get help. Treatment associated with this mental condition typically includes therapy and medication. A spokesperson from WHO claims that depression is currently not being identified or treated adequately in any country. Developed and developing countries included, roughly half of those suffering from depression aren’t identified and treated.

By seeking help, those suffering from depression cannot only receive the medical care that they need, but they can also obtain the resources that they require. SSD benefits could help those unable to work because of depression. These benefits can offset the financial impact this disability causes, helping one meet their basic living needs.