With society’s access to today’s technology, ill-intentioned scam artists have numerous ways of scamming victims. A recent increase in phone call scams have prompted the Acting Inspector General of Social Security to remind Americans utilizing Social Security benefits about these scams and how to prevent them. They advise against returning phone calls from a suspicious source and from making payments or purchases over the phone for government related matters.

The Acting Inspector General reached out via their blog, Social Security Matters, which regularly offers advice and helps and tips on how to navigate through Social Security programs, including Social Security disability claims.

Americans who are suffering from debilitating conditions and who rely on Social Security disability benefits may be especially vulnerable to such scam artists. The administration’s website is a good way to stay up to date on the status of your Social Security application and to see how to handle the appeals process if your original application was denied. There are other ways to maximize your chances of success however.

The application process is not always easy, evident by over half of applications getting initially denied. The application process also takes time. For those suffering from a debilitating mental condition and who want to apply for Social Security disability benefits for anxiety disorders, you may want to speak with a legal professional to make sure that you provide proof of your condition, fill out the appropriate paperwork and provide the necessary documentation to make the best possible case for your situation.