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What if my Social Security disability is up for review?

When a New Jersey resident is approved for Social Security disability benefits for injury, illness or condition, it will inevitably be a relief. The time from the application to the decision can be worrisome and those who are concerned about what they will do if they are deemed not to have met the federal requirements and are subjected to a denied claim can be fraught with fear. After the approval, however, it is imperative to remember that the Social Security Administration will conduct periodic reviews of the case. Understanding this process is key.

Will I need a consultative exam for Social Security disability?

When people in Newark and throughout New Jersey are seeking Social Security disability benefits for injury or illness, they might not realize that every case is different and people might be asked for a variety of evidence as part of meeting the benefits' requirements to be approved. Not every case is clear based on the evidence as it is initially presented. The Social Security Administration might want the applicant to have a consultative examination before the case can be decided upon. This is not necessarily something for the applicant to be worried about, but it is good to be aware of its details.

What if I believe my denied claim was due to unfair treatment?

When applying for Social Security disability benefits for injury, illness or mental condition, the applicant will enter the process believing that their case will be decided on its merits, and other factors will not be considered in a negative light. However, there might be a belief on the part of New Jersey residents who have had a denied claim that the Administrative Law Judge treated him or her in an unfair way that impacted the decision. Since the Social Security Administration's goal is to decide on whether the applicant meets the benefits' requirements or not, it is important to inform them when there is a perception of unfair treatment.

How is my Social Security disability impacted if I try to work?

New Jersey residents might be under the misconception that simply getting Social Security disability benefits means that they should not even try to get back to work for fear of no longer being eligible for benefits. However, if a person meets the federal requirements to be approved for SSD benefits, they can also try to see if they are capable of working while still being able to maintain or restart their benefits if they fail. Understanding the rules for working while disabled includes understanding what incentives the Social Security Administration offers for those who are receiving SSD benefits but want to try to work.

What is the five-step process for Social Security disability?

For many New Jersey residents who have an injury, illness or condition and believe they meet the requirements to receive Social Security disability benefits, the entire process can seem a bit overwhelming. From filling out the application, to the hearing, to the possibility that they might be confronted with a denied claim, it can be a worrisome time. However, this should not dissuade a person who is unable to work and is dealing with medical expenses and other issues.

Act to waive 5-month wait for SSD benefits for ASL

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition is a life-changing event. Not only are you dealing with the symptoms and medical treatments associated with the illness, but you are also trying to adjust your life because of it. While Social Security Disability benefits could offer these individuals much assistance, many are fearful that they will be denied benefits or that they will be required to wait and extensive amount of time to obtain approval. In some cases, an illness is so severe and dire that it requires these funds right away.

Factors to consider when applying for SSD benefits

When individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere enter the work world, they likely see Social Security taxes being taken out of their check. The idea is that by paying into the program, the program will be there for you when you need it. Take for example a disabling injury or illness. No one expect to experience such an event. However, individuals throughout the nation are met with this fate. While many are able to adapt and accommodate their life to live with a disability, others find it challenging and nearly impossible to live the life they once did. In some cases, one is no longer able to work because of a disability. This is where Social Security could be very beneficial.

Appealing an SSD denial

Life tends to present us challenges. In most cases, we can overcome them. However, some challenges require assistance to overcome them. Take, for example, disabilities. While some individuals living with a disability can lead a normal life, others are not only unable to care for themselves but also cannot work because of a disability. In these matters, applying for Social Security disability might be a necessary step to take.

Addressing the growing SSDI backlog

It is not easy to start the Social Security disability application process. While these benefits might be necessary, it can be overwhelming to compile all this information. Even when an applicant believes and is confident that they can evidence that they have an eligible disability, it is possible to still be denied benefits. Missing information, incomplete information and gaps in an application can cause it to be a lengthy process to recover disability benefits. In some cases, this means going through the appeals process, which is even more overwhelming that the initial application process.

What are the different types of disabilities?

When people in New Jersey and elsewhere hear the word disability, they often have a specific image in their mind. This might be a person in a wheel chair or one that is noticeably disabled by the naked eye. The truth of the matter is that disabilities can take on many forms, impacting a person in a wide variety of ways. Some disabilities are manageable, allowing a person to lead a normal life. On the other hand, others find it challenging to carry out the day-to-day activities, making it even impossible to hold down a job.

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