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Social Security Disability Benefits for Illnesses Archives

Tens of thousands suffer from asbestos exposure

For decades, asbestos was considered almost a super-product. It was incredibly versatile, strong and resistant to heat yet strong for insulation, and was used throughout the construction industry and mandated for use by all branches of the United States military. Then in 1973, a shipper named Clarence Borel filed a claim against an asbestos manufacturer citing injuries as a result of the product.

Even young adults at risk of colorectal cancers, study says

Many young adults in Newark have heard their parents complain about having to get a colonoscopy, with the fasting and cleansing that they must undergo before the screening takes place. Nevertheless, most adults are begrudgingly happy to take these measures, if it means detecting cancer early. Since regular colorectal screenings usually don't start until a person is in their 50s, it may seem like colorectal cancers are only an issue for older adults. One study, however, may dispute this assumption.

Six-month waiting period for SSD benefits proving fatal for some

The Social Security Administration's "Compassionate Allowances" program is meant to expedite the approval process for those in Newark and nationwide who meet the requirements to receive Social Security disability benefits. However, the a six-month waiting period between the time the applicant is awarded benefits and the time the applicant receives benefits is proving to be fatal for some.

Chalk most cancers up to bad luck, study says

When a person in Newark hears that they have been diagnosed with cancer, they may wonder, "why me?" Was it due to unhealthy habits such as smoking or drinking? Was there a genetic component that predisposed them towards developing cancer? Unfortunately, one study reports that the most common cause of cancer is purely bad luck.

Prostate cancer among the many disabilities eligible for SSDI

Cancer is among the illnesses determined by the Social Security Administration as possible qualifying conditions for Social Security disability benefits. One common form of cancer is prostate cancer. The prostate gland is found in males below the bladder, in front of the rectum. The seminal vesicles within the prostate create semen; the urethra is a tube that runs through the middle of the prostate and carries semen and urine out of the body. Nearly all forms of prostate cancer are adenocarcinomas which are initially formed in the gland cells.

Retired NY Jets legend Mark Gastineau deals with severe illnesses

For older National Football League fans from the tri-state area and throughout the U.S., many fondly recall the New York Jets football star and defensive legend Mark Gastineau. Part of the highly acclaimed "New York Sack Exchange," Gastineau wreaked havoc across the league for a decade with the Jets between 1979-1988 for his tenacious play and aggressive style.

NFL loses appeal in suit against former players

If you are a sports fan, you may have noticed, over the last few years, an increase of awareness when it comes to sports head injuries. If you have been watching the National Football League recently, you may have also noticed that the concern is serious, and new rules are in place to penalize, fine and even suspend players who jeopardize another player's health by making contact with their heads.

Paperwork problems common reason for rejected disability claims

For decades, people have said that we are entering a paperless society. And yet the power of paperwork to make or break a situation remains. One area where that is especially true is for New Jerseyans seeking Social Security disability benefits.

Understand SSDI before you need it

For many New Jerseyans, thinking about insurance is not high on their list of things to do. After all, why think about problems that are not likely to happen. And why spend money on those distant issues. But while this thinking is common, each year some of these people will have need of Social Security or disability benefits. Better to have planned for that circumstance before it happened than to scramble afterwards.

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