When a person thinks of treatment for lower back pain, they might automatically think of medications. However, there are a wide range of methods out there, including many non-medication methods, for trying to treat this type of pain.

How effective the various non-medication treatments for lower back pain are is a very impactful issue. For one, it can impact how good of options there are out there for lower back pain sufferers to avoid pain medications that could be addictive in nature or have other negative effects.

A recent study looked at the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in reducing pain among lower back pain sufferers. Spinal manipulation involves performing joint movement and pressure application in relation to the spine. It is performed by a variety of different health professionals.

The study reviewed past research on this type of therapy. From this review, the study found that lower back pain patients who received spinal manipulation tended to show a one point decrease on a 1-10 pain scale in the pain they were experiencing. This reportedly is similar to the amount of lower back pain relief associated with over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

This therapy was also associated with modest functional improvements for lower back pain sufferers, according to the study’s findings.

One wonders what future research will find regarding what sort of lower back pain patients spinal manipulation therapy tends to be most effective for.

When it comes to pain reduction and functional improvements, even modest gains can be impactful for individuals who experience lower back pain. Every little bit can count on this front when it comes to a lower back pain victim’s quality of life.

Another thing that can have a significant effect on a lower back pain sufferer’s life is what kind of relief they end up having access to for the financial impacts their pain has had on them. For some back pain sufferers, these financial impacts could include not being able to return to the workforce. When a person with lower back pain can no longer work, one type of financial relief they might be able to pursue are Social Security disability benefits. A variety of factors can play a role in how efforts to receive such benefits go. So, a lower back pain sufferer may want guidance from an experienced SSD lawyer throughout all the stages of seeking out such benefits.