Nothing beats the summer heat in New Jersey like a trip to the beach or pool. Swimming is not only a fun way to cool off, but it is also a great way to relax and exercise. Some swimmers may also enjoy diving. However, when it comes to diving, swimmers need to be careful. Diving into shallow water could lead to a life-altering spine injury.

In fact, according to one source, diving accidents are a major cause of spine injuries. Even diving into a wave or off a dock can cause a spine injury. A spinal cord contusion could lead to paralysis, which could ultimately be permanent. A spinal cord fracture could also occur, a condition which is very difficult to treat.

Swimming pools, of course, usually mark the depth of the water in the pool for swimmers to see. However, water has a “magnifying” capacity, meaning that water may seem to be deeper than what it actually is. Moreover, when it comes to the ocean, the crest of a wave may seem to be sufficiently deep enough to dive into, when it is not.

In the end, a spinal cord injury could change a person’s life forever. They may become paralyzed, making it difficult if not impossible for them to return to their former occupation, or even work altogether. A spinal cord injury could also lead to significant medical and rehabilitation expenses. When this happens, a spinal cord injury victim may want to seek the advice of a Social Security disability attorney, to determine if he or she can pursue SSDI benefits for spinal cord injuries.