When a New Jersey resident is approved for Social Security disability benefits for injury, illness or condition, it will inevitably be a relief. The time from the application to the decision can be worrisome and those who are concerned about what they will do if they are deemed not to have met the federal requirements and are subjected to a denied claim can be fraught with fear. After the approval, however, it is imperative to remember that the Social Security Administration will conduct periodic reviews of the case. Understanding this process is key.

For those who have not experienced an improvement in their health, the SSD benefits will continue. With the review, the claimant can show that the disability and its accompanying issues are still in place and the benefits should continue. The evidence from the case will again be evaluated. For those who are suffering from more than one illness or condition, the totality will be assessed rather than the problems individually. The review takes place at various intervals and depends on the condition and its severity.

If there is an expectation of improvement, the review will take place between six and 18 months after the date of disability. If it is possible that there will be improvement, but there is no method of predicting it accurately, the case will be reviewed approximately every three years. If there is no expected improvement, the case will be reviewed every seven years. At the review, the person will answer questions about the condition and if it has improved or not. The doctors who provide care and their vital information must be provided. Those who have worked from the time they applied should provide that information as well.

Just as with an initial claim, should the benefits stop after a review, the claimant has the right to use one of the four levels of appeal. While there is no overt reason to be fearful of a periodic review, there is still a chance that the benefits will be stopped. When a person’s benefits stopped after a review, having legal help to appeal the case is a must. A law firm that is experienced with Social Security disability and all its aspects can help with the case.