When disabilities make it difficult or impossible for you to work, Social Security Disability Insurance becomes your lifeline. If some time has passed since you first become ill or injured, however, industry changes and technological advances might now make it easier for you to return to work. 

If someone offers you a part-time job, you might feel tempted to take the offer and improve your earnings. However, you might also worry about how it affects your benefits. Will you lose your benefits for testing the waters? 

Substantial gainful activity

According to AARP, if you find employment and begin to make more than $1,260 per month, the Social Security Administration might review your benefits. This could lead to your payments coming to an end or you might see a drastic reduction. The limit is higher for blind people at $2,110. 

Work incentives

SSA does not wish to discourage people from working. After all, the more people engage in meaningful work, the less the agency has to pay out in benefits. It created its work incentives exemptions with this in mind. The SSA provides work programs for people to earn qualifications and find new jobs. You might even test the world of work for up to nine months. 

The bottom line

Some people adjust to spending more time at home, but others begin to waste away and want to return to the world of work. There are instances when this makes perfect sense, especially for work-from-home opportunities in your previous field. Without following the right steps, however, you might lose your benefits or cause your health to worsen.