Delusions and paranoia are far from the only things schizophrenia could cause a person to experience. The number of effects this condition can have on a person is quite large.

Getting appropriate medications can be of considerable help to individuals with schizophrenia when it comes to some of these effects. However, there are limitations to what medication alone can help with.

Might mobile technology be able to provide some additional help to schizophrenia sufferers?

There is a smartphone app that is currently undergoing refinement/testing that is aimed at helping schizophrenia sufferers with some of the things they can face, like feelings of isolation and motivation issues. Among the things the app includes are:

  • A social-network-like feature.
  • Goal input and tracking features.
  • Ways to get access to mental health professionals.

The app is not currently widely available, though that might change by next year, if the app’s testing/development progress follows the developers’ hopes.

Do you think apps like this one could help schizophrenia sufferers when it comes to quality-of-life issues? How big of a role do you think mobile technology and other digital technologies could play in helping schizophrenia sufferers with handling the emotional, social and motivation challenges they can face?

Another type of challenge schizophrenia can present for its sufferers are financial difficulties, such as employment-related difficulties. These types of challenges could have wide-ranging impacts for a schizophrenia sufferer, as financial difficulties could affect things like their ability to afford the treatment they need and their ability to pay for their everyday needs.

One thing that could be a potential source of help for schizophrenia sufferers when it comes to addressing financial difficulties is the Social Security disability program. Depending on their particular circumstances, sufferers of this mental condition might meet the eligibility requirements for monetary benefits from this program. SSD attorneys can help schizophrenia sufferers and other individuals with mental or physical conditions look into what SSD-related options they might have.