Risks and dangers exist everywhere you walk. Whether it is at home, at work, in the park, at the store or any other public place, accidents could occur at anytime. While these could be simple trips or crashes, others could be serious with severe injuries. Whether it is a serious accident at the workplace or an automobile collision, a serious injury such as one to the spine could be life altering. A spine injury is one that could leave a victim permanently disabled, requiring extensive and ongoing medical care.

Due to advancements in medicine, those living with spinal cord injuries are able to live longer, more active lives. However, a person’s ability to overcome the complications associated with this often disabling injury is dependent on the severity and type of spine injury.

Complications associated with a spinal cord injury can be common. This could include developing a syringomyelia, which is a fluid filled cyst. This can cause spinal cord compression and progressive myelopathy. Other possible complications include cardiovascular, autonomic dysreflexia, which are dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system, respiratory, immunodeficiency and other similar problems. These added complications can make an already challenging injury even more difficult to live with.

Living with a spine injury not only causes a person physical pain but it could hurt his or her quality of life. Such an injury takes time to rehabilitate, making it difficult for victims to obtain or maintain a job. When such situations occur, individuals living with a disabling injury should understand their rights and options to seek Social Security disability benefits. This could help offset the financial hardships caused by the injury, helping them cover his or her basic needs.