The experienced Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) attorney at The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur is dedicated to helping people in North and South New Jersey with post-traumatic stress disorder take advantage of available SSD benefits. Our firm has represented many individuals with severe and even debilitating mental conditions that legitimately prevent them from working. We have seen that these conditions can be just as severe as any physical impairment. That is why we work hard on behalf of our clients to get them the benefits they need and deserve. Contact us today for help.

SSD Benefits for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in New Jersey

Successfully obtaining SSDI benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder requires significant evidence of the effects of a traumatic event in an applicant’s life. Common symptoms of PTSD can include:

  • Recurring, intrusive flashbacks about a traumatic event that cause significant stress
  • Frequent nightmares
  • Frequent panic attacks
  • Avoidance of particular places, persons or situations

Many SSDI claims for PTSD will be approved through anxiety-related disorders. Other claims will be approved through the use of medical-vocational guidelines, which are used in cases where medical considerations alone are not enough to account for the extent of an applicant’s impairment. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with PTSD, we can determine the best way to proceed with your claim.

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Attorney Sheryl Gandel Mazur has worked as a staff attorney at the Social Security Administration and knows the intricacies of the benefits application process. Just as importantly, she is passionate about helping people and their families. If you need legal assistance with the SSDI process, contact us online for a free case evaluation so we can get started fighting for the Social Security benefits you deserve and need to improve your quality of life.

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