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SSA Disability And The Internet May Not Mesh

Are you filing for Social Security disability benefits or receiving disability benefits, yet blogging or sharing information upon a website such as Facebook or Twitter? Are you posting information about your work or business? Do you really have a business or are you posting a hobby? How are you portraying your activities? Social Security and the Administrative Law Judges may be watching you! Internet communication or advertising is admissible evidence in a Social Security application or appeal file!

I personally handled a case where the claimant was alleging inability to get around and had a business internet site and bragged about how healthy she was, even posting pictures of her participation in sports, such as hiking and white water rafting! The ALJ brought this to my attention within a 40-50 page exhibit which he had downloaded from the entire period in issue. Big Brother may be watching you. Always tell the truth and be forthcoming as to which endeavors you take on and your actual capabilities.