Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition is a life-changing event. Not only are you dealing with the symptoms and medical treatments associated with the illness, but you are also trying to adjust your life because of it. While Social Security Disability benefits could offer these individuals much assistance, many are fearful that they will be denied benefits or that they will be required to wait and extensive amount of time to obtain approval. In some cases, an illness is so severe and dire that it requires these funds right away.

For those with terminal illnesses, the compassionate allowance program provides an option to obtain quick and timely approval. Unfortunately, not all severe and terminal illnesses are included on this list. According to recent reports, and Act is being considered that would waive the five-month waiting period for those disabled with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. This would help enable applicants to immediately begin to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Congressman Tom Emmer signed as a co-sponsor for this ALS Disability Insurance Access Act. He, like other congressman, believes that those suffering from ALS should not have to wait to receive the care and assistance that they deserve. ALS is a disease that has ongoing physical, emotional and financial losses; thus, individuals and families impacted by this disease often cannot afford to wait five months to gain access to SSD benefits.

Whether you are suffering from ALS or any other serious illness, it is important to understand your rights and eligibility to apply for and receive disability benefits. Obtaining these benefits can be essential and necessary, as it is impossible to continue working with the disabling illness you are suffering from.