Some illnesses are not visible to the naked eye and are complicated even for medical professionals to accurately diagnose. That, however, does not reduce their seriousness, nor does it change that the person who is suffering from the issue will have problems with everyday function including being able to hold a job. For New Jersey residents who are suffering from a mental disorder, it can negatively impact them in multiple ways.

Often, they are not aware of how serious the problem is or that it is diagnosable. One such issue is when a person is having panic attacks. Knowing what a panic attack is and its complications is critical when filing for disability benefits. If a person is suffering for fear without apparent reason, they might be suffering from a panic attack. People who are having panic attacks frequently believe they are suffering from a heart attack or some other medical condition and are not aware of what it is. Those who have these symptoms on a regular basis could have panic disorder.

Other symptoms might include being out of breath, fearing death or loss of control, excessive sweating, feeling shaky, having chills, feeling nausea, experiencing chest pain, having a headache, feeling detached, or experiencing dizziness. Since these problems can hinder a person’s life in myriad situations, it can be the basis to be approved for SSD benefits. The complications people suffer from with panic attacks include having phobias like fear of leaving one’s home, needing to have medical treatment for health concerns that might not exist, avoiding social interactions, issues at school or work, having substance abuse problems, and feeling depressed or anxious.

Panic attacks can result in people being unable to function “normally” meaning they cannot hold a job and need medical treatment and medication to help them. Since making ends meet and getting medical treatment can be nearly impossible if the person cannot work, filing for disability benefits for this mental disorder is a wise step. A law firm with experience in helping people who are seeking Social Security disability benefits for panic disorder is critical to the case from start to finish and should be called immediately for assistance.