For many New Jerseyans, Social Security disability benefits can be absolutely essential. So, when those benefits are denied, the result can be cataclysmic. It can mean the difference between having a measure of comfort and having to decide which necessities to go without. But individuals in New Jersey do not have to accept the denied claim; they have the options to appeal it. Nowadays, that appeal process can be initiated and even completed online.

Appealing online can be a great advantage, especially for those who have trouble going to their local Social Security Administration office, whether because of time, a disability or some other reason.The online portal allows for a person to submit an appeal. It also allows a person to begin an appeal, pause it for a while and then pick back up later. Along the way, the online portal will provide guidance on what steps to take and what information to provide.

What kind of information will be needed? Potentially many different types of information is needed, such information about the petitioner’s condition, medical treatment and daily activities. But just because the online portal makes filing an appeal more convenient, does not mean that New Jerseyans should procrastinate. They only have 60 days to request an appeal; this timeline starts the day that they receive their denial letter.

Likewise, the online portal’s guidance may deceive New Jerseyans into thinking that they have presented their appeal in the best light. In reality, in many cases, an appeal may benefit from the practiced touch of an experienced SSDI attorney. As a result, New Jersey residents seeking SSDI benefits for injury, illness or some other disability may want to speak about their situation with experienced attorney. This not only protects their rights but also serves their best interests.