According to several sources, including the Huffington Post, citing the Wall Street Journal as state and unemployment insurance benefits end, individuals apply for Social Security Disability Benefits.

The Wall Street Journal

See also: The New York Post

Fox News

The New York Post cites a study done by Matthew Rutludge, a research economist at Boston College. Two major concerns are that once individuals are on Social Security Disability Benefits, it is less likely that they will return to work. The other concern is that unemployment statistics appear to be lowered, but the decrease is due to the rise in disability claims, and not due to increased job numbers.

This writer is concerned that the national job numbers are not increasing, that employers are less likely to hire individuals in their 50’s to 60’s, and that employers are less likely to provide health insurance coverage due to rising insurance costs. In this atmosphere, individuals with physical and mental impairments are less likely to seek work and more likely to apply for disability benefits or early retirements benefits.

Statistically, more Americans are eligible for disability benefits because the workforce has been strong in the past and more individuals have paid into FICA. More women have entered the workforce increasing the working population who may apply for disability benefits in their 50’s and 60’s. Also, the baby boomers are now in their 50’s and 60’s, so that a higher portion of the population is requiring disability benefits or early retirement benefits. A larger portion of the baby boomers may be opting for early retirement instead of waiting to retire at full retirement age which is now 66.

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