Whether you are suffering from a physical disability, mental disorder or severe injury, securing Social Security Disability Insurance benefits can be lifealtering. However, the process to actually getting SSDI benefits is often more complicated than many people in New Jersey realize. There are several steps in this process, including determining whether you qualify for benefits and making appeals if necessary. 

Do I qualify for benefits? 

That depends, although if you cannot work because of a medical condition then you very well may qualify for benefits. Your medical condition can be either physical or mental. After determining your eligibility, you will need to complete the SSDI application process, which involves completing forms that detail exactly how your medical condition prevents you from maintaining gainful employment. There are also some forms for your medical provider to fill out, and the processing time can take as long as five months. 

What if my application is denied? 

If the Social Security Administration — SSA — denies your application, you have a few more steps ahead of you. The appeals process can involve several stages, including an initial reconsideration for an appeal. Other stages of the appeals process include: 

  • Administrative law judge hearings 
  • Appeals council hearings 
  • Federal court appeals 

Navigating the process of applying for SSDI benefits and appealing a denial is not something that many people in New Jersey choose to do on their own. The application itself can be overwhelming and confusing, and the appeals process is often disheartening without outside support. You can learn more about finding the right support throughout this process right here on our website.