We all get aches and pains from time to time. This is typically because we have overdone it at work, the gym or at home. These pains will often go away with rest and home remedies. However, these pains, especially those of the back, can be debilitating when a serious injury to the back occurs. This can make for a painful and challenging life, as this can disrupt one’s ability to maintain a normal life and even hold down a job.

No two back injuries are the same, as there are many factors that can impact the severity of the injury and how it impacts a person. This typically includes the health care options available and taken as well as the work tasks a person has when and if they return to work. These factors can impose the risk of suffering from a long-term disability and the inability to work.

Based on current research, a study looked at interviews from 1,885 workers that submitted a claim for workers’ compensation after experiencing a back injury on-the-job. The average lost work time for this injury was three weeks. Researchers looked at various factors, including medical care, job and psychological factors. These were analyzed as a means to explore the possible risk factors of being disabled at one year after the back injury occurred.

Researchers found a wide range of factors that contributed to long-term disability. This includes having a sever back injury, having pain spreading down into the leg, rating their initial disability higher, which specialty doctor was seen, if accommodations were offered at work and whether the workplace was hectic or not. When these factors exist, it is much more likely that a worker will suffer a long-term disability following a back injury in the workplace.

Living with a disability, no matter the cause, is difficult. While individuals can make accommodations and still lead a happy life, it is likely that a disability will generate financial hardships. The inability to work can make it difficult to pay for basic living needs. This is where it might be necessary to apply for SSD benefits.