A decade ago, brain injuries were not on the radar for many New Jerseyans. To the extent, they were thought of, people focused on serious brain injuries that left people obviously impaired or, worse, in a coma. In the ensuing years, New Jerseyans have become more sensitive to the dangers of less-obvious brain trauma. We have begun to realize that even small brain injuries can have serious consequences, including rendering a person unable to do their job, whether for a short time or for far longer.

Yet, small brain injuries are often ignored or minimized, especially amongst those who play sports or engage in physical jobs. But, even when they are not ignored, they are still easy to overlook because they can be tricky to diagnose. In part, that is because these injuries often do not register on a CAT scan or other medical tests.

Still, the effects add up. New Jerseyans suffering from a brain injury can suffer from a myriad of symptoms. These include seizures, memory loss, chronic fatigue, poor balance, vision issues and more. Many of these symptoms can constitute a disabling condition, which makes sense because balance, vision, concentration and stamina are all essential to a person’s work.

Fortunately, New Jerseyans can receive SSDI benefits for a brain injury. Those benefits can be absolutely critical for New Jerseyans struggling to hold down a job despite a brain injury.

For those interested in learning more about SSDI, whether they might qualify and how to apply may benefit from speaking with an experienced disability attorney. Doing so could be the first step towards receiving the aid they are eligible to receive.