Many Social Security disability insurance recipients may want to return to school in order to become employable in another field of work to raise their monthly income. Every case is different, but the Social Security Administration not only allows further education but encourages recipients to do so. Nevertheless, if a new occupation becomes suitable for you because of your new education, and you can perform the functions of this occupation with your physical and medical limitations, your benefits could end. For more information on how going to school may affect your receipt of SSDI benefits, please continue reading, then contact an experienced New Jersey SSD attorney today.

Will Social Security automatically terminate my SSDI benefits if I attend school?

To qualify for SSDI benefits, the recipient must have a medical condition that prevents them from working full time. This means that the individual can’t fulfill the functions of their current occupation or any other occupation. However, the Social Security Administration does not prohibit recipients from furthering their education.

Do I qualify for further education under my SSDI plan?

Before you dive into post-secondary education, you should read your plan over carefully. Your plan may have a vocational rehabilitation or education clause in it. The Social Security Administration will often help someone who wants to attend classes because they hope that you can get back to work and they can stop paying you SSDI benefits at some point. Please keep in mind that Social Security can and will hold certain activities against you, particularly activities that are inconsistent with your disability claim.

How does post-secondary education affect my SSDI benefits?

If you have fought for and received SSDI benefits, you should be aware that the Social Security Administration will reexamine your case from time to time to see if you are still eligible to receive benefits. Attending school full-time could impact an SSDI auditor’s evaluation of your claim, especially if the Social Security Administration approved you for disability benefits on the basis of a mental impairment. They may terminate your benefits if they deem that your condition has improved and you no longer meet the definition of disabled.

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