New Jersey residents who are seeking Social Security Disability benefits for mental conditions will try to accrue as much useful evidence as they possibly can to show the Social Security Administration (SSA) that their issues are of sufficient severity to warrant benefits. Obviously, medical sources and those who know the claimant well, such as family members and friends, can provide that evidence. However, there are other sources that might be beneficial to the case. Past employers could be used in certain instances. But, it is important to know when a past employer’s testimony can be utilized.

The SSA will contact the person’s former employer when the team making the decision thinks it is required and the employer can give information that can assist in making an informed and fair decision. For claimants who have become isolated and for whom there is a limit to where evidence can be acquired, it could be important to contact a past employer or employers. The person’s former immediate supervisor is the preferred source of the information.

With information from a previous employer, the establishment of when the issue came about and if the claimant can perform in a work setting is key. In addition, the employer could have information as to how the person has functioned with the passage of time and if accommodations were necessary because of how the person was functioning. When the prior employer gives evidence, the SSA will take certain factors into consideration when evaluating it. Since the past employer is not the preferred choice to give mental functioning information, it might not be relevant. When the person has changed jobs frequently and been unable to maintain employment, the past employer’s information could be valuable to understand how the claimant can handle stress in the work environment.

Mental conditions can be debilitating and leave a person unable to hold a job and in need of significant treatment. Social Security Disability benefits for anxiety disorders, bipolar, depression and other mental issues can be imperative to the person’s survival. When assessing evidence, information from a former employer can be useful in certain circumstances. It is essential to have legal assistance to determine the best sources of evidence and in applying for benefits. Calling for legal help is key to getting an approval.