Getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits can provide great relief for New Jersey residents who are suffering from a disability. Indeed, the benefits can be essential towards making ends meet, something that can be hard to do for a person who is not able to work due to a disability. Along the way, there are two important dates that New Jersey residents will want to understand: the onset and application dates.

The onset date, as the name suggests, is the day that a person’s disability started. This date is often easy to figure out for people with a physical disability. Perhaps they were born with the disability, or maybe they had an accident. Either way, pinpointing the date is not a time-intensive task.

The same is generally not true for those suffering from a mental disability. These individuals will need to provide further evidence, such as documentation, showing their work history, when they began receiving treatment and, if applicable, any medications that they were prescribed.

Moving to the application date, it is the date on which a person files their application seeking disability benefits. This date, in many respects, is more important than the onset date, because the application date is the date that the Social Security Administration looks to when deciding the start date for receiving disability benefits. The SSA will not pay benefits for before the application date.

New Jersey residents who are interested in learning more about whether they may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits may want to get more information about their own unique situation. Doing so could be the first step towards receiving benefits.