If you are struggling with a physical disability and cannot work, our law firm realizes that there are many different hardships you are likely facing. From financial concerns to difficulties in your personal relationships, concerns about your future and negative emotions, these are very difficult challenges for people to face. Moreover, some people are struggling with extreme pain, which sometimes gets in the way of their ability to pursue SSDI benefits.

It is crucial for those preparing to submit an SSDI claim to make sure that all bases are covered and the correct approach is taken. Sometimes, this process takes longer for those working through high levels of physical pain.

Staying focused

If you have significant physical pain, we realize that it is likely difficult for you to stay focused on your SSDI claim. Pain is very debilitating and a lot of people have a hard time mentally preparing for the SSDI application process when they can barely function due to debilitating pain. Sometimes, speaking with a medical professional to address pain management is helpful. Unfortunately, other problems also arise for people in this position, such as an addiction to pain medication, which can make it even harder to stay focused.


Many people who file for SSDI benefits are turned down. However, a lot of prospective recipients are able to gain access to these benefits by filing an appeal. If your initial claim is rejected, do not give up if you firmly believe that you are eligible to receive these benefits. Browse through our site to read more on pursuing SSDI benefits.