When one thinks about disabilities, many think of those that are physical. While these types of disabilities caused by injuries and illnesses plague many, many suffer silently because his or disability cannot be seen by the naked eye. While some mental conditions have signs and symptoms that indicate that a person is suffering from such a disorder, other mental conditions are harder to spot.

Anxiety, depression and panic disorders may not be obvious to those who don’t know much about them, but these mental conditions can be debilitating. While they may not start out as something that prevents one to enjoy or maintain a normal life, these disorders can worsen over time. Because of that, some sufferers seek Social Security disability benefits.

At the Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur, our skilled legal team understands the wide range of mental conditions that could be debilitating to individuals. We are not only sensitive to the conditions our clients suffer but we are also dedicated to helping our clients assert their rights and obtain the benefits that they deserve.

We understand that the Social Security Administration has set criteria to meet when it comes to applying for and securing benefits. Because of that, we are ready and prepared to help our clients collect all necessary information, documents and medical records to prove that he or she meets these requirements. And if a client’s application is denied, we are also prepared to initiate the appeals process. We understand that many applications are initially denied; therefore, we educate our clients on all aspects of the process in case an appeal is necessary.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions website. Living with a disability can be challenging no matter the cause of it. If a disability has impacted the quality of life and the ability to work, individuals should take the time to understand their rights and ability to recover SSD benefits in order to ensure that his or her basic needs are met.