No one intends to be involved in an accident. In fact, almost all accidents are sudden and unexpected. Thus, the resulting harms caused by the accident are equally as surprising. In some incidents, a victim could suffer serious and even debilitating injuries. This could result in the injured victim suffering a long-term disability, making it impossible to work.

Being unable to work can cause various hardships, but the top of this list is financial hardships. Because they are no longer making an income, it can be challenging to pay bills or meet their basic living needs. Thus, many disabled individuals consider their ability to recover Social Security disability benefits. At the Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur, our attorneys understand how necessary SSD benefits can be. Thus, we are dedicated to helping individuals with the application and appeals process.

Our law firm is well versed in the laws related to SDD benefits. We have helped past clients in various phases of the process. Whether it is to file an initial application, request a reconsideration or an administrative hearing, file an appeal with the Appeals Council or file a suit with the federal courts, we can help you throughout any of these stages in the process.

Obtaining SSD benefits is often necessary. However, if the SSA does not deem you qualified for these benefits, it can be frustrating. However, our law firm can help you assert your rights for an appeal. Our goal is to ensure your application is detailed and complete, helping evidence that you meet the SSA’s definition of disabled.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s Social Security Disability benefits for injuries website. Living with a disability, no matter how it occurred, is challenging. It is important to understand what can be done to overcome these obstacles and recover the benefits that you need.