Sometimes, a physical, mental, or emotional disability may be carried by an individual since birth or diagnosed very soon after. Other times, though, such a disability might have been brought on by an individual’s unfortunate involvement in a personal injury accident. Specifically, an individual might have incurred life-altering injuries from a catastrophic auto accident, workplace accident, or otherwise. In this case, an individual might want to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent party. All the while, they may also want to apply for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Continue reading to learn how collecting SSDI benefits might impact your personal injury lawsuit and how an experienced New Jersey SSDI benefits lawyer at The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur can help you receive adequate compensation.

In what ways can my SSDI benefits impact my personal injury lawsuit?

Lost wages are arguably one of the most commonly claimed damages by plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits. This type of economic damage refers to the money a plaintiff would have earned from their employer should they still have been able to go to work. Therefore, lost wages are calculated from the date the personal injury accident occurred to the date the personal injury claim was settled or received a judgment.

That said, you may find it difficult to claim and recover lost wages in your personal injury lawsuit if you are actively collecting SSDI benefits. This is because, after all, your SSDI benefits are intended to cover your lost wages. This is to say that your settlement offer or judgment award may be a lesser amount than you would have hoped. On the other hand, though, you may rest assured knowing that your SSDI benefits are protected throughout these claims proceedings.

What can I recover in my lawsuit while collecting SSDI benefits?

Even though you may be unable to recover lost wages in your personal injury lawsuit, other economic and non-economic damages may be relevant. For example, you may be able to claim the loss of your future earning capacity. This is if you can argue your inability to return to your line of work indefinitely. Other examples may include, but may not be limited to, the following:

  • Types of economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit:
    • The medical bills you have incurred since the date of your accident.
    • The cost to repair or replace the property damaged in your accident.
    • The cost to hire third-party household services for tasks you cannot execute after your accident.
  • Types of non-economic damages in a personal injury lawsuit:
    • The inability to enjoy the life you previously enjoyed before your accident.
    • The physical pain and mental anguish you have been suffering from since your accident.
    • The embarrassment you experience from the physical disfigurement brought on by your accident.

In conclusion, when the time is right, you must retain the services of a skilled New Jersey SSDI benefits lawyer. Call The Law Offices of Sheryl Gandel Mazur today.