Not being able to work can be difficult for New Jersey residents and their families. Most people need to work to earn the income they need for food, clothing and shelter. Yet a disability, whether from an injury or an illness, can take away that ability. But, fortunately, society does not leave disabled New Jersey residents to their fate. Social Security Disability benefits that can make a disability more manageable.

But, who qualifies for these benefits? According to the Social Security Administration, people who have more than just a temporary physical condition or a short-term illness may qualify. Further, to qualify, a person must have a physical or medical condition that either has existed or probably will last for a year or more. There is no time limit, however, if the condition is expected to be fatal.

In addition to being long term, the condition must also cause the person to not only be unable to work at their current job but also unable to perform substantial work of any kind. To make that determination, the SSA focuses on a person’s ability to sit, stand, walk, lift, reach, communicate and so on.

Having a disability, however, is not enough. The condition must also be proven to the SSA. That process begins by identifying the condition and matching it to an impairment recognized by the SSA. From there, a person must marshal medical evidence, such as a physician’s report and medical records. The more evidence provided, the more likely the SSA is to grant a person disability benefits.