Contrary to the belief of many, Social Security disability is not simply for those who are suffering from serious or debilitating injuries or illnesses, but also those who suffer from serious mental conditions. Although it is often far easier to recognize injuries or illnesses via various tests, scans or x-rays, mental conditions can be equally as severe and could also seriously cripple or prevent someone from maintaining gainful employment.

In order to qualify for Social Security disability, one must prove that they are unable to maintain gainful employment and that the condition is expected to last at least a year or end in death. While making a claim for an illness like cancer or an injury like a spinal injury could both be far easier to prove, proving a mental condition can be far more challenging.

Mental conditions often cannot be tangible; there are not easily noticeable scans that could be read or produced to show a person is mentally ill or has a mental disability. Often, such emotional illnesses like depression, anxiety attacks and panic attacks are not consistent, but come only in phases, often random.

It is therefore especially important for those applying for Social Security Disability Benefits for anxiety disorder or other mental conditions to make certain that you have as close to definitive proof as possible to maximize the chance of success. Speaking with a law firm familiar with Social Security Disability may help, as they have experience and success with such claims and can guide you and your application in the right direction.