This blog often focuses on physical conditions that can qualify New Jersey residents to receive Social Security Disability benefits. But that does not mean physical conditions are the only basis for New Jerseyans to receive these Social Security Disability benefits disability benefits. Another option is an intellectual disability; an intelligence level that is substantially below average.

Intellectual disability can manifest in a variety of ways. The Social Security Administration lists four of them, any one of which is sufficient for a New Jerseyan to qualify for disability benefits.

First is an IQ of 59 or below. Second is an IQ of 60 to 70 along with an additional impairment, whether physical or mental. Third is an IQ of 60 to 70 plus a combination of the following: marked restriction with daily activities, marked difficulties with social functioning, marked difficulties concentrating or repeated instances of prolonged decompensation (i.e., prolonged periods of mental deterioration). The final category is if the mental incapacity prevents a person from following directions and causes them to be dependent on others for basic needs like eating, dressing, bathing or using the toilet.

New Jerseyans who may qualify for disability benefits because of an intellectual disability are in an especially problematic situation. After all, their impairment makes it difficult for them to successfully apply for these benefits.

Fortunately, New Jerseyans suffering from an intellectual disability do not have to seek benefits on their own. They can seek help from an experienced disability attorney, someone who can explain the process and handle the heavy lifting on the way to obtaining the person the benefits they need to help them with their disability.