We all feel uneasy at times. Whether we are just having a bad day, got bad news or just are not feeling well, we can have that icky feeling in our gut telling us we are not right. While it is common for these feelings to come and go, others are plagued by anxiety. A panic disorder can be very debilitating if the symptoms begin to overrun one’s life. Thus, it is important to understand what a panic disorder is, what treatment options are available and what options you have if you find yourself unable to work because of this mental condition.

A panic disorder is when a person experiences spontaneous panic attacks accompanied with the fear of a reoccurring attack. These attacks occur unexpectedly, evening causing some individuals to wake from sleep. Roughly 2 to 3 percent of Americans experience panic disorder each year. Additionally, women are twice as likely as men to suffer form a panic disorder.

As a means to avoid a panic attack, sufferers will take certain measure to avoid situations to prevent them. While this might seem helpful, this is part of why this disorder can be debilitating. In fact, a person’s entire daily life could be disturbed because they miss work, go to the doctors all the time and constantly plan their day around avoid situation that could cause them to experience a panic attack.

Treatment is available; however it can take time for a panic disorder sufferer to return to their normal life again. Because of that, disability benefits might be needed. This is especially true id the condition has caused the inability to work. Social Security disability benefits could help an individual get the medical treatment they need while also having their basic living expenses covered.