Applying for Social Security disability can be a very important step for an individual to take. Just like one does not expect to suffer a disabling injury or illness, one does not think they have to seek financial assistance to get by. Unfortunately many disabled individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere are unable to meet their basic needs, seeking assistance through a Social Security Administration program. While some applicants are approved and provided benefits, many are initially denied.

Although the SSA takes their time looking at the details of each application when determining whether an applicant meets their standards, this does not mean they get it right every time. Thus, applicants are able to question why their claim was denied. This means initiating the appeals process.

When appealing a denial, applicants should understand what the process entails. First, one must initiate it within 60 days from the date the applicant received their decision. Failing to do this within this timeframe could mean you lost your right to appeal. The first step of the process is reconsideration. If the decision s not overturned, it is followed by a hearing, then an Appeals Council review and federal court. If at the end of the process an applicant has not obtained a favorable decision, he or she has exhausted all their options.

Applicants are often denied because they are not complete. By providing additional information and evidence, one could obtain a favorable decision. Thus, it is important to understand the process and what is required before filing an initial application. Those seeking SSA benefits should consider obtaining legal guidance, ensuring they take all the steps necessary to have their application approved.