Restless legs syndrome is a medical condition that many in New Jersey do not know about. Often misunderstood, many dismiss the severity of the condition or the existence of the condition altogether. For some individuals who suffer from this condition, it could actually impact their ability to work and hold gainful employment.

People who cannot work due to a medical condition may be able to claim disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. If restless leg syndrome is what is keeping you from working and providing for yourself and your family, you may find it beneficial to learn more about how you could qualify and how the claims process works.

What is RLS?

Restless legs syndrome is a medical condition characterized by the need to move one’s legs continually. It can be uncomfortable, even painful, to not allow the legs to move, and these sensations can happen when a person is standing, sitting or lying down. Many people who have this disease find that they have trouble sleeping. Some things that you may not know about this medical condition include:

  • In some cases, RLS relates to other medical conditions, such as iron deficiency. Pregnant women sometimes develop RLS.
  • People with RLS describe the sensations they experience as creeping, burning or tingling sensations in the legs.
  • Sometimes, RLS may be confused with Periodic Limb Movement Syndrome.

At this time, RLS is not specifically recognized by the SSA, but that does not mean that a person with this condition may not get disability benefits. It is possible that the condition itself is a neurological disorder or relates to one, which may qualify as a disabling condition.

If you believe that you qualify for disability benefits on the basis of your diagnosis of restless legs syndrome, you will have to include documentation in your claim that verifies the negative impact that RLS has on your ability to stand, walk, work and perform everyday activities.

You do not have to navigate the claims process alone

Seeking and actually obtaining disability benefits is not an easy process. It can be complicated to simply complete the right forms and deal with unexpected delays, setbacks or denied claims.

You have the right to secure help as you navigate this process. Before you begin the disability claims process for RLS, it can be useful to seek a complete explanation of your legal options and a full understanding of how the SSA views disabling conditions.