The spinal cord helps control various bodily functions, and damage to this area could leave a person facing a multitude of challenges in life. Individuals in New Jersey who suffer spinal cord injuries may experience partial or complete loss of feeling, and function in the lower body and similar health issues could carry additional symptoms that might affect one’s quality of life. Spinal cord injuries may also render a person incapable of maintaining gainful employment and lead to questions about eligibility for SSDI benefits and how best to approach the process. 

While loss of sensation and control of lower extremities may seem common complications of spinal cord injuries, similar conditions could carry a host of potential symptoms, such as: 

  • Bladder control:  Experts indicate that those who suffer from spinal cord injuries may also be at greater risk of experiencing issues with loss of bladder or bowel control. 
  • Intense pain:  Spinal cord injuries do not always cause complete loss of feeling and one might encounter intense pain stemming from damage to nerve fibers. 
  • Breathing issues:  Similar health conditions could also cause a person to struggle with breathing and other lung related issues. 
  • Altered sensation:  Those who retain partial control of the lower body may struggle through bouts of hot and cold sensations, and in some cases, these sensations could even appear in the upper extremities. 

While some common causes of spinal cord injuries may include collisions and fall-related incidents, studies indicate that there are a variety of scenarios in which one might suffer similar health concerns. 

Individuals who are incapable of making ends meet due to health conditions such as spinal cord injuries might have questions about their eligibility for aid via SSDI benefits, but they might not know where to turn for guidance. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can evaluate the situation a person is facing and provide insight on all his or her available options. An attorney in New Jersey can help a client understand what to expect from the process and assist in pursuing the full amount of benefits available through the proper channels.