New Jersey residents who are approved for Social Security disability benefits will often be concerned over what happens if the benefits stop after they have earned a certain amount of money. For these claimants, there can be an inherent fear as to what they will do if they find themselves unable to work and have also seen their SSD benefits stopped because of earnings. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

With expedited reinstatement, those in this situation can have their benefits restart quickly. Understanding when a claimant can get expedited reinstatement is key to receiving it. When a person’s benefits stopped due to earnings from work, expedited reinstatement can be requested without needing to file a new application. Once the Social Security Administration decides if the benefits should restart, the person can get benefits temporarily for as long as six months.

For those getting SSDI, the eligibility for expedited reinstatement is based on the following: the person stopped getting benefits because of work earnings; they cannot work or complete substantial gainful activity; they are disabled due to an impairment that is the same or linked to the impairments that warranted benefits before; they request the expedited reinstatement within five years from when the benefits stopped.

Temporary benefits (technically referred to as “provisional”) are paid when the person asks for expedited reinstatement. These include both cash payments and medical coverage through Medicare or Medicaid. In general, they will not need to be repaid if there is a denied claim to restart the benefits. These can be paid for as long as six months, but they can be terminated before that if: the person is notified of the SSA’s decision on expedited benefits; the person is able to work based on SGA; or the person reaches retirement age.

When trying to work and seeing he benefits stopped due to reaching a certain earnings level and then finding that the medical impairment has returned and the person cannot work, it is important to understand the value of expedited reinstatement. A law firm that has assisted many people with their Social Security disability cases should be contacted as soon as possible to see if expedited reinstatement is possible and to find solutions if it is not.